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Top 50 social bookmarking sites list For High Quality BACKLINK

 Top 50+ social bookmarking sites list For High Quality BACKLINK

Top 50+ Social Bookmarking Site List

Introduction to Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is one among the foremost in style Off-page SEO methods. this can be the thanks to win quality backlinks for complimentary with an enormous targeted audience. you'll get not simply traffic however additionally you'll promote your whole. thus Social Bookmarking is additionally the established means for digital selling or SEO.

Social Bookmarking sites square measure the most effective platform for relevant searches. they need high PR thanks to large traffic. once users explore for one thing, these sites in all probability return to the highest SERPs. So, users in all probability hit on these sites to induce relevant details. And hence, very little traffic to your journal post or web site.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites:
After doing On-Page optimisation, you wish OFF page SEO. currently the question arises, wherever to begin OFF page. the solution is, Social Bookmarking. If you're unaccustomed SEO, you want to skills to index your web site or journal in search engines.

Social bookmarking is that the best technique to index web site or journal in Google, Yahoo, Bing,…like massive search engines. this method would be extremely useful for disapproval, promotion, and compartmentalisation of journal posts or websites.

Here square measure some facts locution why social bookmarking is that the best?
If you're bookmarking your journal post or web site within the High PR social bookmarking sites, you'll get quality links back to your web site.
You will get relevant traffic to infective agent your journal post.
Due to large traffic, you'll improve Page and Domain Authority of your web site or journal.
The a lot of are the interested audience on your web site, the lesser are the bounce rate.
You may share your journal posts on scores of social media sites. means that you get a whole platform to create the socially active profile.
How to start with social bookmarking?
If you're a initiate in SEO, you want to skills to bookmarker your web site or journal in numerous social bookmarking sites. undergo all social bookmarking sites list for 2019 with High PR.

But first, you've got to aware for a few rules and laws to bookmarker your link on totally different social bookmarking sites. These rules might vary from one web site to a different.

Some social bookmarking sites like, square measure terribly sticky in approval. they are doing not permit spamming. you wish to be a lot of social for these forms of sites. build a lovely profile by posting catchy journal posts.

Your journal post ought to have the correct info for the audience crowd. Comment, share, upvote or like others’ posts to draw in traffic towards yours.

Create Associate in Nursing innovative title and artistic description for your journal post. Add targeted keywords in tags or keyword field and select the class that's the foremost applicable for your post link.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites List


List of Top Social Bookmarking Sites in 2019

Sr. No. Social Bookmarking Sites Alexa Rank
1 6
2 56
3 80
4 1,694
5 1,927
6 3,088
7 3,593
8 4,446
9 6,229
10 6,944

11 11,822
12 11,837
13 12,579
14 48,870
15 92,418
16 118,868
17 136,412
18 159,093
19 176,651
20 194,749

21 200,211
22 200,883
23 235,445
24 236,081
25 255,523
26 257,921
27 264,287
28 300,008
29 318,306
30 326,487

31 326,487
32 350,573
33 350,785
34 354,513
35 365,953
36 369,819
37 376,961
38 378,343
39 389,241
40 413,574

41 415,175
42 415,562
43 432,184
44 449,949
45 450,112
46 450,112
47 451,460
48 454,636
49 458,419
50 470,267

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